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The Low GWP Refrigerant R407F – For highly efficient and environmental friendly refrigeration systems with Bock compressors

R407F has a 50 % lower GWP than R404A

Due to a higher efficiency than R404A, a 50 % lower GWP and its usage possibility as a Drop-In solution regarding the retooling of a R22 plant, R407F is an interesting refrigerant for commercial refrigeration. 


GEA Refrigeration Technologies has now approved Bock HG and HA compressors for operation with R407F.  


In course of this admission, laboratory experiments showed that the use of R407F guarantees a significant increase in the energy efficiency of plants compared to R404A. Experiments with R407F indicated a lower refrigerating capacity compared to R404A (especially in the field of deep freezing), but at the same time, the power consumption is reduced by 22 %. Solely related to the compressor, significant increases in the COP could be achieved, which can be seen via the presentation here.  


The new hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) R407F is comparable with R22 in many respects, but requires fewer equipment modifications than other R22 alternatives. The experiments of GEA Refrigeration Technologies indicated a higher energy efficiency and a significant lower GWP in comparison to other HFCs. However, the already mentioned reduced refrigeration capacity of the plant R407F has to be taken into account.     


A disadvantage of R407F – a parallel to R22 – is the high discharge end temperature of R407F, which makes the use of classical suction-gas cooled semi-hermetic compressors in the field of deep freezing difficult and which requires normally the use of additional fans as well as a liquid injection. Additionally, experiments indicated a temperature glide of 4-6 K. 


An easier, cheaper and more efficient solution is offered by air-cooled Bock HA-compressors. Due to their design with an integrated external air-cooling, these compressors can be operated without difficulty by R407F in the field of deep freezing. There are no further investments for additional fans or complex liquid injections necessary. 


More detailed information about the retooling of existing R22 plants to R407F can be found in the documentation of the refrigerant manufacturer Honeywell.


The GEA Bock HA principle: The drive motor of the compressor is cooled by an integrated air deflection hood. Thus, the use of R407F and its relatively high discharge end temperature guarantees a simple use in the field of deep freezing.  


For more information about the design of the compressors with R407F, interested parties can contact directly the GEA Bock Application Engineering (, Tel: +49 70 22 94 54 0).


Here you can find a video, which explains the HA system:    



Low Temperature                                                                              Bock HA series




In low temp application, R407F in combination with                Thanks to its integrated air-cooling system for the
the air-cooled Bock HA series offers an energy saving         motor the Bock HA compressors are able to work in
potential around 5 to 10 % compared to R404A                      low temp applications with R407F.



Medium Temperature                                                                         Bock HG Series



In medium temp applications, R407F in combination                  Bock HG compressors are classic semi-hermetic
with the suction gas-cooled Bock HG series offers                compressors with suction gas cooled motors -
an energy saving potential of around 7 to 12 %                       designed for maxiumum efficiency and long
compared to R404A systems.                                                   lifetimes.

R407F - Selected Physical Data



R22, R404A

Molecular Weight


Boiling Point @ 1 Atm (°F)


Freezing Point @ 1 Atm (°F)


Critical Temperature (°F)


Critical Pressure (psia)


Saturated Liquid Density @ 86°F (lb/ft3)


Specific Heat of Liquid @ 86°F (Btu/lb °F)


Specific Heat of Vapor


Flammable range (based on ASHRAE Standard 34)


ASHRAE Safety Group Classification





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