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Food processing and cold storage – P.T Indoguna Utama, Indonesia

Logo IndogunaCustomer: PT Indonguna Utama
Application: Cold / Freezer Room / Air Blast Freezer
Units: HA6/1080-4 ,F16/2051 (3 units)
          HG4/650-4S (3 units), HG4/465-4S

P.T Indoguna Utama is one of the most established and biggest food distribution companies in Indonesia.

Some of their main products are frozen beef, frozen French fries, ice cream, fresh salmon, milk, cheese, etc., which are all of premium quality. In the span of 15 years, they have expanded their cold storage facilities in Jakarta and build new facilities in Surabaya, Bali and Yogyakarta and their products are widely available everywhere in Indonesia.

Bock compressor was preferred due to high quality and energy efficiency which the owner trusted and nine (9) compressors were installed for various applications ranging from Blast Freezers to Ante Areas.

Refrigerating plant

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